Luna P Henge!!

So here is my FINISHED project of Luna P!! FINALLY! I made her probably a year or two ago and never finished her ( she didn’t have her antenna or the ball thing at the end). WHICH WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY. So yea I just finished her recently :D.

Anyway, I had tons of help from my sister,kyo-kunfan,with painting her face and ears. The head, I done myself.And of course,I recently touched  some of the painting up mainly  on her pupils.

I apologize for the not-so-great pictures. The photo (left) shows her pink ears and mouth better ,and the other photo (right) shows her eyes, nose, and crescent better. But, both  pictures make the antenna look really long when it’s not that long… Her antenna in the anime and manga is black with the white ball, but I decided I wanted the white antenna and ball (similar to some of the toy versions) to  differentiate  between the actual BALL to the antenna (if that makes sense)..

Ps: Yes she is 3D if you can’t tell :D. And if anyone would like I could  show more of my handmade Sailor Moon items :)